Super Bowl ad triggers viewers' Google Home devices

Super Bowl ad triggers viewers' Google Home devices

Due in part to the wake word's prominent feature, Google Home users all over the country say their devices acted a bit erratic during the ad, responding to the commercial's commands.

This is not the first time that a TV commercial has set off a voice-activated personal assistant - in early January, a news anchor on CW6 in San Diego was talking about a news story involving Amazon Echo and a little girl who had used it to buy a dollhouse and some cookies.

If you're looking to change up your Google Home's look with a new base, you should know that there are now two different material types - fabric and metal - with six different colors in total. I laughed, because that wasn't supposed to happen.

Another user said: "The Google commercial had my Google Home going haywire".

Google says nothing gets passed back to them until the speakers hear the keywords - "Hey Google" or "OK, Google".

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Okay, Google - distinguish between real life and commercials. She's the only person in my house who listens to me.

Though the gaffe didn't cause any serious harm to anyone - unless, of course, it accidentally turned off the lights while someone was transporting a fresh bowl of bean dip - many Home users took to Twitter to sound off on the incident.

"That @Google home trailer made my google home have a meltdown", one disgruntled user wrote.

The leading technology companies are all competing to assist consumers in their online activities such as shopping, since that gives the companies a better chance of selling advertising or other services.

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