McDonald's Builds a Better Straw

McDonald's Builds a Better Straw

Turns out, it has more in store for us then an expanded line of Shamrock Shakes!

Necessary or not, the new straw will be available in limited quantities at select locations alongside the company's three new "Shamrock-infused" shakes.

The high-tech straw is called STRAW, which is short for Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal.

"From a physics perspective, it's actually quite hard to deliver a proportional amount of both chocolate and mint flavours with each sip". But that's exactly what we did.

Seth Newburg, the principal engineer and managing partner at NK Labs, argued that this task was a challenging one, but, nevertheless, it had an ambitious goal.

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All McCafes in 80 cities of the world will use the new straw with the fantastic drink Shamrock Shake. The plastic straw has a total of four holes, including one at the bottom. However at the end of the day, all the other straws are the same unlike the McDonald's new straw.

Announced with much fanfare on Facebook Live, McDonald's bigged-up their innovative J-shaped drinking tool during 20 minutes of unabashed hype.

Developers at NK and JACE labs worked on the development of this gadget for months.

Due to the STRAW's design, only 2,000 were produced in time for Shamrock season. The tasty treat is a layered fifty-fifty combination of McDonald's chocolate milkshake topped with the popular minty green flavor on top. Meanwhile, McDonald's has yet to put any engineers on the problem of fixing the Shamrock Shakes' persistent unusual chemical aftertaste.

God bless. Physics is not something I understand (or like), but I can get behind a perfect-tasting Chocolate Shamrock Shake.

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