Amnesty International launches campaign demanding release of detained immigrant with brain tumor

Amnesty International launches campaign demanding release of detained immigrant with brain tumor

But, according to Sara's lawyers, before that could happen, she was forcibly removed from the hospital and returned to the detention center.

Zuniga said Sara complained of profuse nosebleeds and of long-term memory loss, while not receiving treatment at the hospital.

Paralegal Melissa Zuniga, with the Law Office of Marcia Kasdan, has been working on the asylum case for Sara Beltran Hernandez, 26, for the last 13 months. Sometimes, I forget things.

Sara Beltran Hernandez fled gang violence and domestic violence in El Salvador to live with relatives in the USA, and has been held in ICE detention for 15 months, despite having a claim to asylum.

Her asylum request has been denied, but Marouf says that decision was being appealed when she became ill on February 20 and collapsed at the detention center.

As of early Thursday, Beltran-Hernandez was listed as "in custody" at Prairieland, according to ICE's website.

The 26-year-old from El Salvador, known as Sara, was reportedly in custody because she did not have the right to be in the United States when she was diagnosed with cancer.

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Beltran-Hernandez's relatives have not been allowed to visit her, although they have spoken to her on the telephone. No one is exactly sure why she was taken out of the hospital. They want her to be released to her family because it's not clear how much time she has left.

"She's in a lot of pain", Hamilton told NBC-DFW. We can't wait for a bond redetermination hearing.

These raids come on the heels of President Donald Trump issuing an executive order on refugees and immigration, telling officials to be more aggressive in enforcing USA immigration laws.

"They had her tied up from her hands and ankles". The group also said that people with medical emergencies, like Beltran-Hernandez, should be released immediately, as they pose no flight risk. "She doesn't have days, she has hours...we need her to get out", Zuniga said.

While undocumented immigrants with deportation orders can be "whisked out of the country" if they're detained, those without orders have the right to seek bond if they're arrested, Simon Y. Sandoval-Moshenberg, director of the Immigrant Advocacy Program at the Legal Aid Justice Center, tells SELF.

"If immigration agents are in our schools, our healthcare system, our courts, lives will be lost", he said.

Bennett said the woman was not restrained when she was transported to the detention center, and that she received phone calls from both family and her attorney of record while in the hospital.

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