US House Intel Committee to Investigate Trump's Wiretap Claim Against Obama

US House Intel Committee to Investigate Trump's Wiretap Claim Against Obama

Weeks after becoming Obama's successor, Trump's penchant for hurling accusations at Obama continues in the form of Trump claiming Obama wiretapped phones in Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential election.

"I can deny it", Clapper, weeks removed from serving in the federal government, said on NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday when asked whether he could confirm or deny a court order allowing for eavesdropping at Trump Tower in NY.

In an interview on NBC's "Meet The Press", Rubio said he had never heard these claims before.

"I spoke with the President twice yesterday about the wiretap story". Sessions, a USA senator at the time, was Trump's earliest Senate supporter.

A White House spokesperson qualified President Trump's assertion that former President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the 2016 election campaign, saying "if this is accurate, this is the biggest overreach and the biggest scandal". "It is false. Wrong", he told CNN.

His recusal was triggered by news that he had misled the Senate Judiciary Committee during his confirmation hearings when he said under oath that he had never communicated with Russian officials as a major stumper for the Trump campaign.

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The White House did not immediately reply to inquiries about what led to the president's tweets.

It is unclear what sparked Trump's tweets.

Obama, through a spokesman, denied that he or any White House official ordered such surveillance. He ran the presidential campaign largely out of Trump Tower in NY.

Trump wrote. He added: "Just out: The same Russian Ambassador that met Jeff Sessions visited the Obama White House 22 times, and 4 times past year alone". "Any suggestion is unequivocally false", Kevin tweeted.

The White House is said to be working on its own response to the president's early morning tweets. A former senior official familiar with the Justice Department's investigations during Obama's presidency denied any such actions were taken. "Those restrictions were put in place to protect citizens from people like you", he said in his Twitter post.

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