Brit guilty of killing Indonesian traffic police officer in Bali

Brit guilty of killing Indonesian traffic police officer in Bali

The Denpasar District Court in Bali declared British national David James Taylor and Australian Sara Connor guilty on Monday and sentenced them to six and four years in prison, respectively, for the murder of Bali policeman I Wayan Sudarsa.

Chief Judge Made Pasek rejected Ms Connor's claim that all she did was separate her British boyfriend David Taylor and Wayan Sudarsa on the night of the deadly fight in August a year ago.

The incident occurred on the popular Bali beach when, according to Mr Taylor, a scuffle broke out with the policeman over Ms Connor's missing wallet.

Taylor insisted he approached Sudarsa believing he'd stolen the bag, and fought with him for this reason.

Connor has always maintained she was innocent and did nothing but try to separate Taylor and Sudarsa when they became embroiled in a fight in the early hours of 17 August 2016.

David Taylor, 34, originally from Halifax, West Yorkshire, was found guilty of fatal group assault over the killing of officer Wayan Sudarsa, whose body was found on a beach in August.

Taylor admitted to battering the officer with a pair of binoculars and a beer bottle as the men struggled, but argued he was acting in self-defence.

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Mr Taylor hugged his parents at the back of the court before being led out.

The two, who had denied murder, were arrested in August previous year after the policeman's body was found on Kuta beach with wounds to his head and neck.

After the verdict his father, a vicar, tearfully addressed the media and said: "We are immensely saddened and our hearts go out to to the widow of police officer Wayan Sudarsa and his family to whom we extend our deepest condolences". They are now being looked after by her ex husband.

Both Connor and Taylor were charged with unpremeditated murder, group assault leading to death and assault leading to death.

From the beginning, Connor has staunchly proclaimed her innocence - with her lawyers at one of the first hearings calling on the court not to "sacrifice" the Australian woman. "F*** police." Taylor continued bashing the officer, Mr Purnomo claimed.

But they have called for Ms Connor and Mr Taylor to serve the same eight years for fatal assault in company.

Connor pulled the officer's hair and he pulled her hair during the beach tussle.

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