Trump travel order dealt first court setback

Trump travel order dealt first court setback

In the United States, more than 130 foreign policy experts have denounced President Donald Trump's revised travel ban, saying it undermines America's national security and interests as much as the original order barring travellers from some Muslim-majority countries and refugees.

The attorney general of NY said worldwide students from the six designated countries enrolled in local institutions were worth an estimated $28.8 million to the state's economy in 2015.

"Moreover, given the daily threat to the lives to plaintiff's wife and child remaining in Aleppo, Syria, the court further finds a significant risk of irreparable harm", Conley wrote, blocking application of Trump's order to the affected family through March 21.

Trump's revised order, announced last week, bans visa approvals from six Muslim-majority countries for 90 days and suspends the U.S. refugee resettlement program for 120 days but includes new exemptions and removes language that singled out religious minorities and certain nationalities. Lifting an indefinite Syrian refugee travel ban and reducing the number of blacklisted countries by removing Iraq, it replaces a previous iteration issued in January that was blocked in federal court.

As anticipated, the Trump administration argued that since the new order specifically protects legal us residents, it doesn't have the harmful effects that Hawaii claims it does.

The White House reworked the first executive order to address some of the issues that came up in court.

Washington concedes that the new order no longer covers green card holders.

But the main points are largely the same.

Tehran has said it will take reciprocal action in the face of the USA travel ban on Iranians and refuse visas to United States citizens.

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring has filed a brief supporting Hawaii's stance on President Trump's revised immigration order.

In the brief, the attorney general says Trump's original executive order caused harm to Virginia residents, institutions and businesses, and the revised version would continue to cause problems.

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Since September 11, 2001, the worst attacks in the United States have been committed either by radicalized Americans or by people from countries not on the Trump travel ban list. Plaintiff Ismail Elshikh, a Hawaii resident who argued that the ban would affect plans for his Syrian mother-in-law to visit his family, has no standing because his mother-in-law has not yet been denied a visa, the motion says.

The new battle against Trump's order is being played out on several geographical fronts, but mainly on the west coast, which tends to be heavily pro-Democrat.

In a new complaint filed in U.S. District Court Monday, Washington state Attorney General Bob Ferguson asked for a hearing with the judge based in Seattle on Tuesday, two days before the revised travel ban is scheduled to begin.

Trump had responded by insulting the federal magistrate, James Robart, calling him a "so-called judge".

"As our complaint details, President Trump's second executive order is just a Muslim Ban by another name, seeking to accomplish the same unlawful and unconstitutional goals of the first ban", said New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

Other states challenging Trump's latest travel order include Washington, Oregon, Minnesota, Maryland, New York and MA.

The experts said the revised order would "jeopardize our relationships with allies and partners on whom we rely for vital counter-terrorism cooperation and information-sharing".

In Maryland, a federal judge set a hearing for Wednesday morning on a lawsuit brought by refugee aid groups.

The US Justice Department said in a filing this week that the original order had been revoked and that the court's restraining order does not limit the government's ability to immediately begin enforcing the new order.

"Last month, our courts put a lid on the unconstitutional and un-American Trump Muslim travel ban because Americans stood up and demanded it. ..."

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