Bill pre-empting local labor initiatives derailed in Senate panel

Bill pre-empting local labor initiatives derailed in Senate panel

The "bathroom bill" issue was debated for more than four hours before the Republican-dominated Senate pushed the bill through, the Houston Chronicle reported.

The 21-10 final vote on Wednesday came over opposition from big business, the National Football League and hundreds of people who packed the Texas Capitol last week during 13 hours of public testimony. "People who would have bad intentions, we can prevent them before they act upon them", says Senator Kolkhorst.

A House Democrat who filed a satirical bill that would fine men for masturbation complained she was targeted by Republicans for retribution on Tuesday.

"In 2007, a bill that I carried where an amendment was put on that allowed you to change your birth certificates, that is the remedy to that", Kolkhorst responded. Private businesses would not have to comply, but the bill would prevent local governments in liberal places like Austin from passing their own non-discrimination ordinances.

"I think the speaker is out of touch with the voters", Patrick said on KLIF in Dallas. Participants said senators suggested targeting the bill's new tax credits more at lower-earning people, improving benefits for seniors and protecting the expansion of Medicaid, the federal-state program that helps lower-income people afford care.

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A motion to advance the legislation, Senate Bill 415, out of the Senate Judiciary Committee failed on a 4-5 vote, meaning it's likely dead for the 60-day session that ends this weekend.

"I will tell you as a woman, this is not a joke", Kolkhorst said. She said it's meant to send a message to immigrant communities. The bill passed easily there with a vote of 8 to 1. By making it illegal for transgender people in Texas to be afforded access to facilities consistent with their identity, it opens them up to increased discrimination and harassment as they simply live their everyday lives.

Senate Bill 6 has been compared to North Carolina's House Bill 2, an anti-transgender measure that has resulted in an economic boycott costing the state an estimated $400 million. "That's why I think we should take a pause, try to solve as numerous problems on both Medicaid and the individual insurance market in this bill in the House and then allow the Senate to take its work up".

The Senate will follow up with a final vote expected this week.

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