Jet skiers' near-miss with 130000-tonne Carnival Magic cruise ship

Jet skiers' near-miss with 130000-tonne Carnival Magic cruise ship

Some unbelievable footage out of Port Canaveral, Florida this weekend after two jet skiers fell into the water right in the path of giant Carnival cruise ship.

The incident happened Saturday afternoon when Capt. Doug Brown noticed a jet ski in the area where he was steering a Carnival Magic cruise ship, according to a release from the Canaveral Pilots Association.

"Did we run over the jet ski?" one cruise ship passenger asks in the video.

Witnesses said the massive cruise ship came within feet of striking the police boat as well, but Primmer was able to get his craft and the women out of harm's way just in time.

The captain alerted Primmer, who raced to the scene and pulled the pair onboard his Marine Unit patrol boat. Frantic shouts of "Get in, get in!" can be heard on the video.

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Brown told FLORIDA TODAY on Sunday the close call was made more dicey because of a nearby dredge in the channel, and also a stiff breeze that was pushing the two women directly in front of the cruise ship's path. However, when one of them fell off, the jetski flipped upside down. "This was the first time with people in the water, nearly right in front of you".

Two young women from Princeton, West Virginia, Allison Garrett, 20, and Skylar Penpasuglia, 19, were operating a personal watercraft in the port.

The channel, the sheriff's office said, happens to be rather narrow.

While the ship's captain Doug Brown attempted to steer the ship away, he was limited in how far he could maneuver the vessel.

A Brevard Sheriff's deputy rescued two spring breakers who almost got hit by a cruise ship.

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