Drake tops 10 billion Spotify streams, drops More Life mixtape

Drake tops 10 billion Spotify streams, drops More Life mixtape

The sand-and-sun fantasia "Passionfruit", the most immediately striking song on "More Life", might also best exemplify this approach.

"I drunk text J-Lo; Old number, so it bounce back; Boi-1da got the bounce back."

And the drama doesn't stop there.

Even Jennifer Lopez, rumored to be in a relationship with Drake earlier this year, is only present on the album via a sample of her 1999 cut "If You Had My Love" on the angsty "Teenage Fever". The final version, however, features Jorja Smith. If it's about Lopez, she'll probably get the last laugh: Thanks to his use of her song, she gets a writing credit. I've done so much in my short time and still there's more to do.

The wait for new music from hip-hop star Drake is finally over, as his new album, errr, "playlist"/"project" as he prefers to call it, has finally been released. He's done it each time he has released a project. With a feature from British rapper Giggs, the MC steals the show with his second verse. On the final track he lays out his plan saying, "Take the summer off 'cause they tell me I need recovery".

But the bar shouldn't be set any lower for More Life because it's a mixtape, and thankfully for Drake fans, it's better than Views, injecting some life into the mid-tempo beats that dominate both releases.

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With its record-breaking chart performance and command over the radio, "Views" cemented Drake as one of modern music's biggest artists, and that career high - after years spent collaborating with scores of other musicians - may have instilled in him a sense of responsibility to pay it forward. However listeners want to categorize More Life, its proof of quality isn't in its concept, it's in its songs, and these were the tracks that stood out.

As it turns out, J.Lo does appear on More Life, but not in the capacity that many first thought.

Young Thug switched up his flow on "Sacrifices", and Twitter went wild!

That ominous string section amping up the drama on "KMT"? Shout out to my big brother Drizzy and More Life.

Drake's distinction that "More Life" is a playlist instead of an LP album gives him more creative license, which he takes advantage of to feature a handful of rising artists. Fuck that shit. Hold on, I got to start this mothafuckin' record over again, wait a minute.

Elsewhere on "Gyalchester", Drake reevaluates his legacy by declaring, "I know I said I'm top five, but I'm top two".

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