Girls Gives Us an Atypical Series Finale

Girls Gives Us an Atypical Series Finale

While I was disappointed that Hannah's mother didn't seem to take Hannah's mental illness or the possibility of post-partum depression into account before ripping her a new asshole (and Hannah already has a line about looking forward to the day when her asshole and her vagina will feel like two holes again), she certainly told her things she needed to hear. Especially in its later seasons, Girls fell victim to numerous same tropes that it aimed to defy in its first years, with characters pairing up repeatedly (Ray and Shoshanna), others overstaying their welcome as crucial components on the show (still Ray and Shoshanna), and even characters like Adam being driven to fringes of usefulness on the show with the overwhelming whiff of fan service plaguing many of his final scenes. Not only did Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) get engaged, but Hannah was offered a job at an out-of-town university, before engaging in impromptu fence mending with estranged friend Jessa (Jemima Kirke), who had become involved with Hannah's ex Adam (Adam Driver).

And there's a reason for that - it's because of that real-ness critics raved about in season 1.

During her walk, Hannah runs into a young girl who is fleeing, pantsless and shoeless, down the road.

Why She's Terrible: The aforementioned "voice of my generation" statement, plus plenty of other similar declarations. Although Hannah is beginning a new chapter, the episode shows her in a kind of liminal space, inhabiting a pre-adulthood reality.

"Of course you do", Hannah says, in one of her more mature moments on the show. "I'm the best friend!" she says, like the total narcissist that she is.

We are so, so glad that Hannah didn't name her child Plutonium. Totally ridiculous and dramatic and exactly what Hannah was doing at that moment. It takes time. And Hannah apparently has that epiphany when telling the girl to just go and do her homework - and then also telling her to just go and screw her boyfriend. She then goes to see her parents at the Warwick hotel, where they are staying during their trip to NY. But it's clear Hannah needs the help, as does Marnie, who calls in Loreen (Becky Ann Baker). Every move she makes is motivated by how it'll look to others - not how it'll work for her. See: Everything from her embarrassing music video to her ill-advised marriage to her music partner. You can't delete his text", she tells Hannah, re: "having a baby. They're doing it, but more so just getting through their days, desperate to be happy even as they're both radiating misery.

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Redemption: One of the most important lessons of your twenties is learning what you don't want, and as Marnie stumbled through relationships and career paths, she was able to realize what she didn't want out of life. Marnie's sacrifice begins superficially: She wants to be the victor, the one who stands up for Hannah when no one else does. As such, she has come to respect her mother in a way far more meaningful than ever before.

Dunham: I know. And we really struggled in that last episode with coming up with how you're gonna show that she learned something in a way that's not completely clunky and completely like an Afterschool Special. She complains that Grover's refusal to latch is proof that he hates her and when her mom tries to deliver some real talk, she melts down, striking as many verbal low blows as she can before storming out of the house to sulk. But this is ultimately an episode about women helping women, which I think was the right way to go. And that's part of the projection we have for Hannah. She's growing up, changing from a girl into a woman-which, if this show has taught us anything, is not a biological shift but a mental one.

We find Hannah very pregnant in her new home in upstate NY, waking up to find Marnie spooning her. Marnie goes on about her being Hannah's best friend - that she "wins" because she is the only one who is there, and like Adam, offers to raise the baby with her. Hannah points out how that didn't go very well, but Marnie pushes until Hannah relents. Yes, she was annoying. Marnie and Hannah were always best together, or funniest together.

Apatow, 49, called the experience one of the greatest of his creative life. How high are they really? As much as they comforted each other, they could also be toxic for each other as well.

Later, Marnie proceeded to take awkward underwear selfies in the bathroom to Beyonce's "Partition", and Hannah tearfully semi-abandoned Grover.

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