Rick Perry, Now Energy Secretary, Is Still Confused About Climate Change

Rick Perry, Now Energy Secretary, Is Still Confused About Climate Change

Perry yesterday told reporters at the White House that "there was one fact missing from the headlines about the US withdrawal from the Paris Agreement, and that is that the United States already leads the world in lowering emissions".

Energy Secretary Rick Perry speaks to reporters during a briefing at the White House in Washington, June 27, 2017.

One of the main reasons to save nuclear power is because it produces electricity without generating carbon dioxide emissions that drive climate change.

"President Trump believes the climate is changing and he believes pollutants are part of the equation, ' Haley told CNN " s Jake Tapper as the controversy billowed.

During a briefing with reporters Monday, Perry suggested the administration would back the end of a lucrative tax credit for renewable energy - which was extended in 2015 as part of bipartisan deal to end a ban on US oil exports. "I agree with them it's nonsense", he added. Additionally, the administration could expand opportunities for exporting USA energy by seeking to undo an Obama-era ban on the Export-Import Bank financing coal plants overseas.

"That has nothing to do with energy today", Perry said, leaning forward on the podium and waving his hand at the reporter.

At the same time, he said climate science requires more debate.

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That position places the oil and gas lobbying giants firmly on the side of the renewable energy industry, which has expressed concern Perry's study is nothing more than an attempt to prop up the coal sector - a favorite of President Trump's - at the expense of what is now a years long boom in wind and solar installations. "We just got a recipe for it this morning, but I'm still not quite sure what it means", she said. "The leaders called for a rational approach that balances environment and climate policy, global economic development, and energy security needs", as per the joint statement. "I tend to say, OK, let's have a conversation and get these guys together", Perry said. "These politically driven policies, driven primarily by hostility to coal, threatens the reliability and the stability of the greatest electrical grid in the world", he said.

"And we've done this through innovation and technology, not by signing agreements", he said.

Perry, speaking at an energy conference yesterday, suggested that renewable energy is favored by political opponents to the Trump administration.

"That's his vision for America-an all of the above energy policy", Perry said.

The current administration has already reversed several regulations that have limited energy production or made it more expensive, including ending a moratorium blocking new coal leases on federal land and overturning a rule regarding coal mining pollution in streams. Mitchell pioneered the use of hydraulic fracturing technology, leading to the rise of the US shale revolution, Perry said.

In an attempt to defuse the tense moment, Perry described the protester as "one of the more interesting EIA employees", prompting laughter from the audience. Earlier this week the American Petroleum Institute's chief economist questioned the grid study's purported focus on the benefits of coal-fired baseload power plants and exhorted the Energy Department to put the brakes on the study, which is expected to be completed any minute now.

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