Merkel Defends Ivanka Trump's Presence at G-20 Meetings

Merkel Defends Ivanka Trump's Presence at G-20 Meetings

On Saturday, a photo of Ivanka Trump taking her father's seat at a G20 Summit meeting focusing on "Partnership with Africa, Migration and Health" sparked controversy on social media.

Donald Trump left the G20 to attend one-on-one meetings with other officials.

The image shows that German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkey's President Recip Tayyip Erdogan were seated close by during the first daughter's cameo.

It's all part of Trump's family-focused governing style that takes its cues from his decades running a family business.

The 1st Lady was rarely seen or heard during the early months of The Trump Administration. But during the president's first two trips overseas, she's taken on a far more prominent role. But she's been at a lot of her father's presidential meetings - some while she was still running the Trump Organization. She had been invited to attend by the president, said her spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham.

President Trump was absent to meet with the Indonesian leader.

While life would undoubtedly be "easier" away from the White House, Ivanka appears to have embraced the opportunities that have come her way since her father became the president. "Russians knew would: deemed controversial; 2. get us going in U.S.".

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When asked about the situation, German Chancellor Angela Merkel indicated that it falls within the competence of each delegation to decide which of its members replace the president in case of their absence. According to Bloomberg, "A spokesman for Ivanka Trump said she had been sitting in the back of the room and then briefly joined the main table when the president stepped out".

Ivanka helped her father to launch a loan programme on women.

Several U.S. pundits condemned the move as "grotesque" and reminiscent of a "banana republic".

"That might be the only bad thing she has going, if you want to know the truth", he added.

Instead of Donald Trump, his daughter Ivanka sat at the big table at the G20 summit in Hamburg for a while, surrounded by national leaders.

It has been reported that in similar cases, the delegation takes over and since Ivanka was part of the United States delegation, there was nothing wrong with it. Ivanka has not commented or addressed the many mean tweets on her Twitter page.

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