Destiny 2 Beta Impressions

Destiny 2 Beta Impressions

The Destiny 2 beta starts today on PS4 and tomorrow on Xbox One. Bungie could - and probably will - use the data it collects from the beta to balance weapons and abilities before Destiny 2 launches in September. The beta is free to try, but the final release of the game won't be. Bungie is looking to change this in Destiny 2, as one redditor has pointed out.

According to EireneRR4, there will be several empty slots with the weapons, which seems to mean you can include additional colors and powers for said slots and additional power-ups found in the game.

The playable PvE content in the Destiny 2 beta is nearly exactly the same as what we say back in May, but with a single exception.

The Destiny 2 beta begins at 10am PDT and is expected to close about the same time on July 23rd. The mode is paired with the new map Midtown, which is set in an abandoned sector of the now overrun last safe city on Earth.

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The Destiny 2 beta is now live. Everything you need to enjoy the content available in the beta will be put front and center. With any luck, the game's backend systems will be able to efficaciously manage the deluge of users soon enough so as to allow any and all comers to give the first Destiny 2 beta a go.

There'll also be the chance to play the three new subclasses: Dawnblade Warlock, Arcstrider Hunter, or Sentinel Titan. This can be played with two friends you bring or via matchmaking. It's important to note that pre-load is only available for players that pre-ordered Destiny 2. The Countdown game type forces you to meet an objective with a team.

It may take a bit of time to obtain everything in the Destiny 2 Beta, but it's worth it to try out every weaponed offered to players. Three players can team up for The Spire at a time. You won't get access to your character's entire skill tree, no matter how much you play. Which means at certain points it might not work properly or may do things oddly - which is actually exactly what developer Bungie wants, because it means they can spot problems before the game is released.

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