Kevin James' TV wife killed off with Leah Remini's arrival

Kevin James' TV wife killed off with Leah Remini's arrival

"Kevin Can Wait" Season 2 will soon reveal that Donna Gable (Erinn Hayes) has died.

- "Kevin Can Wait" is joining the ranks of "This Is Us" when it comes to mysterious deaths.

This summer, CBS made the decision to not bring back Erinn Hayes' character on the CBS sitcom Kevin Can Wait, and instead, chose to bring in Kevin James' former King of Queens co-star Leah Remini.

So unless there's a zombie episode, last season was likely the last we'll see of the actress on the show.

James will be reunited with Leah Remini, his TV wife for nine season on The King of Queens. While James will return to play the titular Kevin, the show will spectacularly kill off Erinn Hayes's Donna Gable in a time (and shark) jump - cue exhaustive groans.

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Speaking with a small group of reporters immediately after his panel with Kahl, Sherman also addressed the decision to kill of the Donna character, rather than write her off in a different way, such as divorce or a move in location.

Kahl promised that Donna Gable's death will be addressed "tastefully" and that it would help to move the series forward, but he admitted that the death of a wife and mother is not a amusing storyline. "Obviously, the chemistry [between James and Remini] was unbelievable in the stunt episodes". Remini plays tough detective Vanessa Cellucci on Kevin Can Wait, and it doesn't take a genius to guess who Kevin's next love interest will presumably be.

Hayes confirmed her exit from the show via tweet in June. "I'm not sure we can make that hilarious". Still, he maintains that Kevin Can Wait won't turn into a King of Queens reprise. "Exceptionally miserable, I had an extraordinary ordeal season 1".

As you might imagine, fans of the sitcom weren't thrilled about this news.

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