Russian Federation blasts U.S. sanctions as 'economic war'

Russian Federation blasts U.S. sanctions as 'economic war'

Expecting the signature, Russian Federation on Friday preemptively struck back against the measures after they were approved overwhelmingly by the US Senate.

Trump signed the "Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act" despite noting that the "legislation is significantly flawed" while criticizing Congress for forcing his hand.

In a Facebook post Wednesday, Medvedev said any hope of improved relations between Washington and the Kremlin had "ended", adding he thought Trump was an "incompetent player (who) must be eliminated".

"The hope for improving our relations with the new United States administration is now over", said Medvedev.

The legislation - which also includes measures against North Korea and Iran - targets the Russian energy sector, giving Washington the ability to impose sanctions on companies involved in developing Russian pipelines, and placing curbs on some Russian weapons exporters.

"We're doing a lot of interviews tomorrow - generals, dictators, we have everything", Trump says in the tape, obtained and published by in November.

"The president wants to relax sanctions in the deal".

But that doesn't mean that Krauthammer thinks Trump made the wrong move in signing the measure.

"In its haste to pass this legislation, the Congress included a number of clearly unconstitutional provisions", Trump said.

Congress passed the measure to punish Russian Federation over interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election and the annexation of Ukraine's Crimea.

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"The U.S. establishment fully outwitted Trump; the president is not happy about the new sanctions, yet he could not but sign the bill".

Trump has repeatedly said he wants to improve relations with Russian Federation.

Araghchi said the signing following strong support in Congress showed that the US believes the JCPOA has empowered Iran in the region.

A White House spokesperson later denied to the publication that the statement was said.

But Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said he was disappointed that Trump chose to sign the legislation behind closed doors, without the fanfare of television cameras and reporters present.

It's a weird choice of words, considering Trump doesn't really have a problem calling anything "beautiful" on its own.


"The issue of new sanctions came about, primarily, as another way to knock Trump down a peg".

Western businesses working with Russia's Gazprom to build the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline between Russian Federation and Germany through the Baltic Sea would also face sanctions.

He accused the US Congress, which overwhelmingly passed the sanctions bill, of ignoring the interests of the US business community and for choosing "politics over a pragmatic approach".

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