Dubai's Torch Tower catches fire for second time in two years

Dubai's Torch Tower catches fire for second time in two years

Burning debris can be seen falling from the Torch Tower in videos uploaded to social media by shocked onlookers.

The Dubai Media Office said the fire "has been brought under control", adding that "cooling operations are underway".

In both incidents, it appears fire alarms alerted residents and building staff knocked on doors to ensure a quick evacuation. Panels can consist of plastic or polyurethane fillings sandwiched between aluminium sheets, similar to that used on Grenfell Tower. They also shared that the fire was bad and strong at about 1:00 A.M. but it started calming down after the next two hours.

More than 100 buildings have failed combustibility testing in the United Kingdom in the wake of the fire. He said he was coming home after midnight when building security guards told him to remain in the street because a fire had erupted. In December 2015, the 63-storey building was damaged because of the fire.

The Independent writes that the United Arab Emirates updated its building safety code in 2013, and now requires that all new buildings taller than 50ft must use entirely fire-resistant cladding. No serious injuries were reported in the 2015 fire.

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The same skyscraper was devastated by fire in 2015 and the flammable cladding was blamed in part for the blaze.

The 79-storey residential skyscraper was evacuated and no injuries have been reported. The government is also working toward providing shelter for the affected residents, reports said.

The Torch Tower has been considered as one of the tallest residential towers in the world with more than 80 floors.

Flammable claddings are said to have contributed to at least three other skyscraper fires in Dubai.

It later lost the title to the Princess Tower - located on the same road.

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