Turns Out That White House 'Dump' Narrative Is True

Turns Out That White House 'Dump' Narrative Is True

Trump's visits to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida alone have already cost the Coast Guard $6.6 million, at a time when the department is facing budget cuts and deferring maintenance on their fleet due to lack of money. Although some criticized his lengthy stay, the vacation is actually necessary because of renovations that are being done at the White House.

Mr Trump's wife Melania and their youngest son Barron (11) remained living on the penthouse floors for several months after he took up the office of the 45th US President in January 2017 and moved to the White House. He will not accept aides walking into the Oval Office and telling the president information without permission - or without the information being vetted. You risk your job by leaking against other White House officials, and it's not worth it.

JJ: Of course, I think it is indeed a part of the goal in leaking them in the first place - to put a chilling effect on anything this president might do while they continue to set him up for removal.

In this first photo, President Donald Trump is boarding Air Force One on August 4, as he leaves to begin his 17-day working vacation.

The Post's new slogan shouts, "Democracy dies in darkness". Stephen Colbert joked at the start of last night's Late Show. He has, at times, listened to real estate friends about legislative strategy while ignoring Speaker Paul Ryan or Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

"This is beyond the pale and will have a chilling effect going forward on the ability of the commander-in-chief to have candid discussions with his counterparts", Ned Price, a former National Security Council official under President, told The Hill.

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In fact, Trump has previously questioned the need for anyone to take a vacation, writing in his book Think Like A Billionaire, "What's the point?" He is not going to stop tweeting, for example, and they expect him to keep dialing old friends in NY after hours - and that he will likely huddle with aides when Kelly is not around.

"I can tell you that we absolutely went to the White House before publishing any of this material", Miller told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" program, while not divulging his sources for the transcripts. "He's not delusional about it".

"You can not say that to the press", Trump said on the phone call. There are bug zappers in the West Wing to combat the chronic issue, which has not gone away. A dozen PODS storage units lined the West Executive Drive between the White House and the Eisenhower Executive Office Buildinge - starting Friday afternoon, since practically everything in the West Wing will be loaded into storage.

Some of those unpredictable comments are also controversial-another reason Trump transcripts do so well.

Presidents have been escaping Washington's summer heat and humidity since Thomas Jefferson looked out the White House windows and watched as a white fog that was believed to be toxic rolled in. "Reince was not a manager".

It seems the President has since had a change of heart.

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