Al Jazeera to be blocked in Israel

Al Jazeera to be blocked in Israel

He claimed that the network was being used by groups to incite violence in Jerusalem.

Israel has long presented itself as a bastion of press freedom in a region where government restrictions on the media are commonplace, and has pointed to Al Jazeera's presence in Jerusalem as proof of the nation's liberal values.

"Lately, nearly all countries in our region determined that Al-Jazeera supports terrorism, supports religious radicalization", Kara said.

Israeli communication minister Ayoub Kara said that the news channel has been found to be supporting terrorism, which is why it would be taken off the air. Al Jazeera said in a statement late on Sunday.

Kara made the announcement at a press conference on Sunday, which Al Jazeera reporters were barred from attending.

Al Jazeera said it was unclear when the Israeli government would act on Kara's request.

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The Israel government is planning to take action against Al Jazeera's local offices in Israel and wants to revoke the licenses provided to its journalists.

"I congratulate the Minister of communications, Ayoob for my guidance took today in line with practical steps to stop the activity of incitement in Israel", Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said of Kara's proposal on Twitter.

He said the broadcaster "will follow up the subject through appropriate legal and judicial procedures".

In his news conference, to which Al Jazeera was not invited, Kara said steps had to be taken against "media, which has been determined by nearly all Arab countries to actually be a supporter of terror, and we know this for certain". It also was the first Arab-owned news outlet to host Israeli officials and commentators, which some analysts note coincided with Qatar's ties with Israel at the time. "If this does not happen because of legal interpretation, I will work to enact the required legislation to expel Al Jazeera from Israel", Netanyahu added.

He was referring to recent violence in and around a Jerusalem site that is revered by Muslims and Jews in which six Palestinians and five Israelis, including two policemen, were killed.

"Al Jazeera will continue to cover the events of the occupied Palestinian territories professionally and accurately, according to the standards set by global agencies, such as the UK Office of Communications (Ofcom)". A Palestinian also broke into a home in a Jewish settlement in the West Bank and stabbed four Israelis, killing three of them.

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