Strange Sea Creatures Chewed Up This Teen Boy's Legs

Strange Sea Creatures Chewed Up This Teen Boy's Legs

The mystery flesh-eating bugs that were filmed devouring a steak, may not be the same bugs that feasted on a teenager at the weekend.

A 16-year-old Australian attempted to alleviate some post-football soreness Saturday at Dendy Street beach in Brighton before noticing something was apparently chewing on his legs, the Guardian reported.

They sustained multiple bites to their lower legs and they saw the creatures still clinging to their feet once they'd washed away the blood.

A marine biologist with Museums Victoria analyzed a sample taken by Kanizay and says they're lysianassid amphipods, or sea fleas. But University of New South Wales associate professor Alistair Poore told the New York Times that not only were the captured swimmers actually a type of amphipod that doesn't bite humans, but also having caught them doesn't mean they were the ones eating the teenager's skin.

Sam's father Jarrod Kanizay warned friends on Facebook that "something ate Sam's legs".

Jarrod took a net full of raw meat into the water, with his video showing hundreds of creatures attacking the meat.

On Sunday afternoon, Sam's legs were still seeping blood but doctors had not found a cause.

Although they don't cause lasting damage, they've caused us enough mental scaring for one evening and given Sam a day he'll probably never forget.

Mr Kanizay took a video of dozens of the tiny bug-like creatures chomping on the chunks of meat.

Still, the presence of these crustaceans in the water doesn't prove they are the ones that attacked Kanizay's ankles. "I'm not really sure what to think of it".

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Sam said a nurse had suggested sea lice were to blame, "but it was just a guess".

"I've still got my feet today", Stevens said at a press conference on Monday. These tiny crustaceans it seems, are attracted to chemicals in meat or flesh.

"If it is sea lice, then it is a pretty dramatic example of it", said Mr. Poore.

If Jaws left you fearful of going into the water, this story about a much, much smaller predator may only reinforce your fright.

"They occur in swarms, so they'll swarm on a dead fish and eat it in next to no time".

"The sorts of animals that do it are always around to some degree".

Sea lice feed on Atlantic salmon.

Sam Kanizay suffered these mysterious injuries.

You try staunch the bleeding but it won't stop.

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