BMW plunges off Austin parking garage

BMW plunges off Austin parking garage

An Austin, Texas parking lot is finally getting some permanent repairs after three drivers drove their cars through flimsy retaining wires from upper floors. "I'm still doing work in that building", said Burch.

It also meant that she would be parking high up on a downtown parking structure. She would survive in what EM's called non-life threatening injuries.

Police in Austin, Texas, have released footage of a auto plunging seven storeys from a multi-storey auto park and narrowly missing another vehicle. "I thought it was over".

At first glance, the incident appeared to be a freak accident.

On Sept. 12, 2016, another vehicle went over the side of the same parking garage, but was suspended by a wire. Officer say she hit the wrong pedal on the 7th floor of the garage, breaking through the cable wiring linking the outer parking spots.

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Police said they are still investigating the exact cause of the crash.

Through what she has learned from her lawyers, Bowmer is now pursuing legal action in the incident, though no suit has been filed yet.

The garage owner reportedly said that these are the only two incidents like this to have occurred on the grounds. "I was coming into the office and I heard on the radio to avoid the intersection, the auto had gone off a garage", he said. "I'm sure there are others just like it". Inspectors don't initiate periodic checks on buildings. His SUV was caught by barrier wires, leaving the auto hanging off the side of the garage.

A man drove through the barrier cables which wrapped around his tires, suspending his vehicle from the ninth floor. It was during those meetings the city determined the entire cable system will need to be brought up to current code.

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