Syria's Assad Thanks Iran, Russia For Helping Thwart Attempts To Oust Him

Syria's Assad Thanks Iran, Russia For Helping Thwart Attempts To Oust Him

A page on Facebook that lists the number of rockets which fall on the capital spoke of four dead and four wounded by the rocket.

The top event on pre-war Syria's economic calendar, the fair is hosting firms from 23 countries that have maintained diplomatic relations with Damascus throughout the conflict.

The casualties and wounded were first transported to a hospital in Jaramana area near the fairgrounds, and later to the Mujtahid hospital in Damascus.

"We want this fair to signal the start of (the country's) reconstruction", Kartally told AFP earlier this week.

In recent weeks, much of the area has been quieter after the implementation in July of a "de-escalation zone" covering parts of Eastern Ghouta.

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Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad drives a hard line against terrorists and the media in a televised address Sunday.

The United States and European countries, which have imposed sanctions on Assad's government, were not officially invited to participate in the fair, which was first held in 1954.

More than 400 thousand people have been killed in Syria's civil war since it broke out in 2011.

The news was broken on Sunday by Syrian state television, but no details were immediately reported.

The France has from the beginning been one of the supports, the strongest of the syrian opposition and has always called for the departure of Mr. Assad, considered the main responsible for the conflict.

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