United States warship crash highlights old row

United States warship crash highlights old row

Divers searching for 10 missing sailors on a United States destroyer that collided with a tanker off Singapore have found human remains, a USA admiral said Tuesday.

"Additionally, the Malaysian authorities have reported that they have located potential remains".

Divers involved in the search come from the US Navy's Ship Repair Facility in Yokosuka, Japan and Commander Logistics Group Western Pacific and the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit. The collision tore a gaping hole in the McCain's left rear hull and flooded adjacent compartments including crew berths and machinery and communication rooms. But 10 sailors have been reported missing and at least five are injured.

An investigation is underway.

He also added that it would be sequenced in such a way that the U.S. Navy "will maintain its primary responsibility of defending our homeland and the homelands of our allies".

The USS John McCain suffered a steering malfunction when it collided with an oil tanker near Singapore on Monday, according to a US Navy official who spoke to CNN.

He said the Navy would conduct an investigation "to find out if there is a common cause ... and if so, how do we solve that".

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On the 7th Fleet's Facebook page, Partlow earlier posted "Prayers to all the other families as we patiently wait for answers".

The Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Admiral John Richardson has ordered an "operational pause" and a probe of all fleet activity. In June, a deadly collision between the USS Fitzgerald and a Philippine-flagged merchant ship killed seven sailors and injured three. "Damage control efforts by the crew halted further flooding at sea".

He said that the search and rescue operation will go on "until the probability of discovering sailors is exhausted".

Upon receiving the news, both America and Singapore send out their ships and helicopters in a search-and-rescue mission at the entrance in one of the busiest shipping lanes globally.

The collision marks the fourth incident involving a US Navy warship in the Pacific this year.

The USS Antietam, also a guided-missile cruiser, ran aground off the coast of Japan in February, damaging its propellers and spilling oil into the water.

The destroyer was making a routine port stop in Singapore and the tanker was carrying about 12,000 tons of crude oil to Singapore from Taiwan. The admiral said he has spoken with the Navy's most senior surface-warfare officer and is considering the possibility of links between the McCain collision and the other mishaps. It has now recorded four major accidents this year, including the grounding of the cruiser USS Antietam on January 31 in Tokyo Bay and the May 9 collision of the San Diego-based cruiser USS Lake Champlain with a fishing boat off the Korean Peninsula. John McCain's father and grandfather, who were both USA admirals.

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