Hajj: South South Pilgrims Urged To Shun Vices While In Saudi Arabia

Hajj: South South Pilgrims Urged To Shun Vices While In Saudi Arabia

The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor urged the European Union Special Envoy for the Promotion of Freedom of Religion outside the Union, Jan Figel, to call on Saudi Arabia to stop conditions and restrictions it has imposed for the arrival of Qatari pilgrims to its territory to perform Haj this year.

The pilgrimage will take place in the first week of September where millions of Muslims from across the globe would gather in Saudi Arabia and celebrate Eidul Azha.

Saudi Arabia recently reopened its land border to Qatari pilgrims and offered to fly them to hajj.

The announcement was made some time after the kingdom along with several of its allies cut all ties with Doha over alleged connection to terrorism and extremism.

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The airline's general manager, Saleh al-Jasser, said on Sunday that planes had not been allowed to land in the Qatari capital, Doha, despite a request days earlier.

"Qatar to oversee its haj contingent and the transportation of Qatari pilgrims via their choice of airlines, Qatar Airways or otherwise", he added. Qatar has denied all such claims. The airline has stopped using the airspace of those countries ever since, rerouting flights and using alternative paths, including through Iranian skies.

Today in Libya, the UAE, along with Egypt and Saudi Arabia, has backed anti-Islamist former army commander Khalifa Haftar, appointed by a government and parliament based in the east. Qatar and Turkey have supported rival Islamist-leaning factions in western Libya. Trying to make up for lost revenue, Doha has said it would allow the citizens of 80 countries to travel to the country visa free.

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