Inside Trump's (Current) Beef With The GOP

All superb ways to encourage support from a thin GOP Senate majority.

Funding for President Trump's proposed border wall is poised to be a central issue in this fall's showdown over government funding.

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) told MSNBC that she's not sure Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for president in 2020. Why would Trump risk replacing an annoying but reliable yes vote with a Democrat who would strengthen the "Resistance"?

Frustrated with his unyielding plea to the GOP lawmakers to change the rule, the President took to Twitter to express his grief, he wrote, "If Republican Senate doesn't get rid of the Filibuster Rule & go to a simple majority, which the Dems would do, they are just wasting time!". "It is very Russia-heavy; there is no doubt about it", says Michael Sulmeyer, project director of the Belfer Center Cyber Security Project at the Harvard Kennedy School and a former cyber policy official in the Defense Department. "The thought here being if they put their heads down and focus on the work and get something to the president's desk, he'll sign it and everyone can begin to realize the benefits".

Apparently, Trump thinks it is in McConnell's power (and job description) to protect him from the Russian Federation probe.

The president spent a lot of time at a recent rally hitting one of his new favorite new targets: his own party.

This so-called president and his administration are a disgrace. What was once an uneasy governing alliance has curdled into a feud of mutual resentment and sometimes outright hostility, complicated by the position of Mr. McConnell's wife, Elaine L. Chao, in Mr. Trump's cabinet, according to more than a dozen people briefed on their imperiled partnership.

In a series of tweets this month, Mr. Trump criticized Mr. McConnell publicly, then berated him in a phone call that quickly devolved into a profane shouting match.

McCain defied him by casting the third and decisive Republican vote that killed a health care "skinny" repeal bill.

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It remains to be seen if the GOP can prove it can govern, Jordan said.

When incumbents get to draw their own districts, the result is a Congress that ignores that will of the people with impunity, because they know that the map has been rigged in their favor. "Obviously, we need to get the border secured, and we've come up with a plan to do that".

Those close to leadership agree on the stakes in September.

"That being said, that doesn't mean it wasn't a factor".

A lifelong Republican stood up against President Trump before a crowd of Donald Trump's fervent opponents over the weekend.

He has a core base of supporters - accounting for about half of his total supporters - who feel more attached to him than they do to the Republican Party, Salvanto said on "CBS Evening News" Wednesday.

"We have to deliver - and we have to deliver now", Brady said.

"It's disappointing is probably the most nice thing I can say about that", Rep. Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill., told CNN in response to Trump's comments about McCain.

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