Game of Thrones theory suggests Bran Stark may be The Night King

Game of Thrones theory suggests Bran Stark may be The Night King

But throw a dragon into the equation and there's now a way for the zombie army to burn the wall to the ground and simply walk right on through.

Everyone's looking forward to the Season 7 finale of "Game of Thrones" on Sunday, August 27, when we'll be watching it on HBO.

Led by the sinister Night King, the Army of the Dead have been patiently, and a little too conveniently, waiting around north of the wall since season five.

It does not take much longer to wait before seeing the season finale of Game of Thrones season 7 on HBO and OCS and you are helped to wait until then with some speculation.

And now? The same spot where the Night King resurrected Viserion.

If there really is more to his power, it would make sense for his power of persuasion to be a form of warging, adding another significant connection between the Night King and the Three-Eyed Rave, a.k.a. Bran Stark.

White Walkers are invading Facebook. Many suspect that the dragons only get along that well with true Targaryens. While heartbreaking for Dany and game-changing for the White Walkers, some fans think Viserion's death might've been worth the knowledge gained about the Night King, White Walkers and wights. Instead, the Night King is the third head of the dragon. Shortly before the Night King takes down Viserion, there's a shot of the rest of the White Walkers seated on horseback behind him.

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The answer to that question could determine whether or not the revelation from "Beyond The Wall" proves to be the final blueprint for how to eliminate the White Walker threat forever.

But as terrifying a notion as a White Walker-piloted, blue-eyed wight dragon burning down The Wall is - there's an even crazier notion to address first: the Night King is a time-monitoring Greenseer - just like Bran - and a far more powerful one at that. Unfortunately, Jon and his group weren't able to get close enough to the Night King in the last episode to test this theory.

In order to go to the depth of this theory you first need to understand the phenomenal combination of powers that makes Bran Stark exceptional.

Forget the Wight, the mission was worth it because. they found out that killing White Walkers kills all of the wights they had created.

Or maybe one of the reasons the White Walkers needed such a massive army was because they are planning to use their massive numbers to form a ramp out of their bodies.

The Night's King left his post to be with someone who sounds like a White Walker woman, and the two reigned for 13 years from the Nightfort until they were stopped. It means that everything that has happened until this point has been going according to his plan, or at least he has been able to attempt to influence the future by seeing how things might go. Although, this season has been fond of doing just that, so this might be more plausible than we want.

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