Houston flooding evacuees overwhelm main evacuation shelter

Houston flooding evacuees overwhelm main evacuation shelter

Experts have estimated as many as 100,000 homes in the Houston area could be flooded or destroyed.

Flooding could worsen as rivers and bayous continue to rise in Texas, which could cause breaches and failures at levees.

Christopherson said that she made a decision to leave Port Aransas Thursday before the mandatory evacuation order when she saw the news about Harvey's strength.

Thousands of Texans have taken refuge at George R. Brown convention center in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.

The Red Cross had planned for 5,000 people. By Tuesday afternoon, there were more than 10,000. There were 1,200 beds when CBS News visited the convention center Sunday, reports O'Donnell. Those who got to the convention center when it first opened seemed happy with the conditions. Many people have rushed to donate to disaster relief, but warnings about scams have also proliferated.

TATYANA HAWKINS: Everything you do, it's a line. We've gotten them dry clothes. "Probably in the next 24 to 48 hours, I don't have a specific time frame, it depends on how fast we are able to convert the convention center into a small community and we're working real hard to make that happen", Ortiz said.

Christopherson said she's hopeful that her first-floor condominium, and a second-floor unit she owns in another waterfront complex, are still standing, but has no idea of the extent of any damage to the properties. "One lady was bleeding from her head", he said.

HAWKINS: I have irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure.

"The amount of rain is like nothing I've ever seen".

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And I think just the ongoing concern would be what to do as more and more people come here.

Dallas - which already has three shelters in operation housing about 640 people as of Monday evening - is preparing to open the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, which can shelter another 5,000 people.

CHANG: Taisha Kirk (ph) and Jasmine Johnson (ph) are there together too. By midday Monday, they decided they needed to leave, or risk drowning in their four-bedroom apartment. Now, they understand the facility is overwhelmed, but they're not feeling all that positive at the moment.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Feel like you in jail.

There is a big police presence to keep the peace but the center appears to be running smoothly, without chaos.

"When I got here, I went online and signed up to become a volunteer right away", Rosales said. It's just like - it's not so good, you know?

"At the end of the day, I'm blessed", Hanna said. Those who go to the convention center will have access to medical care, a pharmacy with free prescriptions provided by Walmart and charging stations for their phones, Rawlings said. She and her family chose not to sleep in the dormitory area. This is not sanitized for the kids. "[City officials] will know when to let those people go".

Thousands of those are destined for Dallas as soon as they can escape Harvey's high waters, joining the more than 500 who are staying in temporary shelters at the Walnut Hill, Tommie Allen, and Samuell Grand Recreation Centers.

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