Catalonia passes law for October 1 independence vote

Catalonia passes law for October 1 independence vote

A majority of the regional parliament, which is controlled by pro-independence parties, voted in favour of the referendum law and the legal framework needed to set up an independent state.

She blasted the regional assembly's agreement to quickly vote on the bill as an "act of force" that is characteristic of "dictatorial regimes".

Pro-independence Catalan lawmakers, who hold a majority in the regional parliament, want to vote on the bill after a 2-hour window for the opposition to introduce amendments.

The president of the Catalan parliament, Carme Forcadell, called for a recess in Wednesday's parliamentary meeting after heated discussions erupted following a last-minute decision to hold the vote on the so-called "referendum bill".

Catalonia is a prosperous region in northeastern Spain that already enjoys ample self-government.

Adding to the rise in separatist sentiment has been a 2010 ruling by the Constitutional Court which struck down parts of a 2006 autonomy charter which granted new powers to Catalonia and recognised it as "a nation".

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The vote comes about three weeks after Barcelona and a nearby town were struck by Islamist attacks that killed 16 people and caused the Catalan and Spanish governments to present a brief united front.

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Rajoy responded by promising new investments in Catalonia and regularly sent his deputy to the region but made no significant reforms regarding the division of powers that addressed Catalan concerns. "They [the supporters of Catalonia's independence] have demonstrated that they do not respect either Catalonia or the Catalans", Santamaria said.

Opinion polls show Catalans are evenly divided on independence.

"I hope they will let us vote", Ramon Sanmartin, a 67-year-old retired engineer, told AFP outside the Catalan parliament.

MADRID (Reuters) - Catalonia's parliament on Wednesday passed a law to make formal its plans for an october 1 referendum on whether to declare independence from Spain, a vote that the central government says is illegal and that it will stop.

"They knew that I was not going to authorize it (the referendum) because I was neither able to, nor did I want to, but they didn't care about that", Rajoy said.

The referendum clashes with the Spanish Constitution, which only gives national authorities the right to call such vote.

The Catalan government staged a symbolic independence referendum in 2014.

Catalonia, along with Britain's Scotland and Belgium's Flanders, has one of the most active independence movements in the European Union.

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