6 die in Florida nursing home with no A/C following Irma

6 die in Florida nursing home with no A/C following Irma

Not counting the nursing home deaths, at least 13 people in Florida have died under Irma-related circumstances, and six more in SC and Georgia, many of them well after the storm had passed.

"That's why we don't want people to, en masse, return down here to the Keys". The reasons for death are as yet being explored, Hollywood Police Chief Tomas Sanchez said. The air conditioning was working when he left Tuesday night, he said, but when he returned Wednesday, it was not running.

More than 100 residents were evacuated from the facility, Broward County Deputy Fire Rescue Chief Tim Keefe said at a news conference earlier Wednesday.

Three patients died inside the home, while three others died in the hospital after being transported.

Five residents of a Hollywood nursing home that lost power in the storm died, authorities said Wednesday. They are all OK - he got a malfunctioning generator to work at his damaged home Tuesday - but he warns residents who evacuated to stay away. It's forcast to be 88 degrees Fahrenheit on Wednesday with a high humidity of 74 percent.

Attempts to contact Michel for comment have been unsuccessful so far.

"They had generators collapse and their other one, the last one, seemed like it was about to fail", Gomez told BuzzFeed News.

Gov. Rick Scott said he had directed the state's health care administration and Department of Children in Families to open an investigation into the deaths.

Florida officials have made restoring electricity to the millions who have lost power a priority and tens of thousands of utility company workers, many from out of state, are engaged in the huge effort.

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Raelin Story, a Broward County spokesperson, said fire rescue operatives arrived at the home to find the facilities sweltering hot, leaving numerous elderly patients unable to breathe.

Firefighters discovered two people dead inside the house, FOX35 Orlando reported.

Sanchez said 115 people were evacuated to the Memorial Hospital system's North, South, and Pembroke Pines branches. That includes a 57-year-old man struck by a tree limb during the storm in Calhoun Falls; a 54-year-old man who died in a mobile home because of carbon monoxide poisoning while a generator was running; and a man who died in a auto crash in Richland County. Then, police responded to a 911 call and found three people dead and others in struggling health.

Officials across Florida are warning people to keep generators outside their homes.

Across Florida, 4.4 million homes and businesses still have no power.

Elsewhere, Irma has been blamed for four deaths in SC and two in Georgia.

For many people, the life will never be same after Irma.

"It's one of the things we're doing aggressively", Scott said. Hollywood Public Affairs Director Raelin Story said there is no official cause of death yet, but a number were having respiratory issues.

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