Apple strips the App Store from iTunes 12.7

Apple strips the App Store from iTunes 12.7

The upcoming mobile operating system from Apple can be downloaded and installed over-the-air starting on Tuesday, Sept. 19. You'll need to re-download them.

The installation of iOS updates is free.

When you launch iTunes 12.7 you'll see a disclaimer about the changes. Whichever seems better for you, go for it.

Make sure your device is recognized by Cydia Impactor. If it isn't, then you might want to renew it right away. Apple also released iTunes 12.7 and there's a glaring change - the App Store is gone.

Just follow the "Register Your Device's UDID" section in this guide on how to do so. An internet connection is also needed to complete the process.

Click on the Update button at the top of the app. After that, download a profile to your iOS device and restart it.

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Apple Gives iTunes a Scrub, Removes App Store and Adds Social to Apple Music

The overhauled Control Centre is a thing of beauty, multitasking on the iPad is much more powerful and makes it perform just like a Mac and screenshots now come with a whole new bag of editing options.

Apple had been at the receiving end of criticism for making iTunes bloated and heavy with the integration of the app store.

Apple seems to be in a mood to completely revamp its offerings as after the launch of its iPhone X smartphone, the company has now chose to remove the built-in App Store from its iTunes app for Mac and Windows.

The biggest changes are coming to iPad users, though, with Apple introducing a new dock that can be accessed even when you're in an app, a Drag and Drop tool and wider support for the Apple Pencil.

Meanwhile, the iOS 11 is also now on public beta and is already equipped with some of the newest and most interesting features that would make iPhones and iPads work more efficiently and faster.

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