A Major US Airline Is About To Offer Free In-Flight Texting

A Major US Airline Is About To Offer Free In-Flight Texting

You might want to start booking your future flights on Delta Air Lines.

Delta will begin offering free in-flight messaging to its passengers, a leap in customer service so high in the cloud that CEO Ed Bastian went on "CBS This Morning" to announce it.

In this age of constant connection, flights have been one of the final spaces of solitude, where airplane mode-enabled phones don't light up with a barrage of messages.

Customers will be able to use iMessage, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger while in the air on a Gogo-equipped flight. JetBlue Airways offers free in-flight Wi-Fi to its customers and Alaska Airlines has offered free text messaging on certain planes since January, USA Today reports.

'You'll just access the app that's on the plane itself.

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Passengers on all Gogo-enabled Delta flights will get free messaging. Bastian joined Delta in 1998 and took over as chief executive officer in May a year ago.

Beginning Oct. 1, Delta Air Lines will become the first USA global carrier to offer free mobile messaging, providing more customers access to free messaging than any other carrier.

Delta is the biggest carrier to offer the service, though.

Delta would be the first US global carrier to offer such a service on planes with two or more cabins.

The company does warn that photos, videos, and SMS messages cannot be sent and that sending a message may take longer than usual.

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