Trump says supplies streaming into storm-tossed Puerto Rico

Trump says supplies streaming into storm-tossed Puerto Rico

But it has made the price of goods in Puerto Rico more expensive than those on the U.S. mainland or other Caribbean islands.

Trump made the decision at the request of Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello, she said.

According to CNN, Rosselló said he had not previously asked POTUS to lift the Jones Act so that aid might flow more fully to the island: "I did not solicit that to him personally but it is something that would help Puerto Rico, certainly, at least in the short run".

What the Jones Act does: It requires that ships going from American coast to American coast be American - built, owned, flagged and crewed.

He says the priority now is the humanitarian and rescue mission in Puerto Rico.

President Trump has waived the Jones Act for storm-ravaged Puerto Rico, allowing foreign ships to bring much-need supplies to the USA territory's ports.

Note: Puerto Rico is looking for licensed truck drivers to replace those who can't get to trucks to deliver supplies.

What is the Jones Act?

Many of its 3.4 million residents have been without electricity, reliable drinking supplies and other basic necessities since the storm struck.

During a briefing, Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez (D-NY) said she found the conditions "shocking" when she visited the island on Friday.

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The Department of Homeland Security had said as recently as Monday that the law would not be suspended. Plus, barges would deliver humanitarian relief, which make up a large part of US -flagged ships, the agency said.

The Jones Act, a law that regulates maritime commerce, was signed in 1920.

Why the law still exists: Sen.

Lawmakers, including Senator John McCain of Arizona, had pushed the government to waive the Act. It's antiquated, it hinders free trade and it makes goods more expensive, he argues.

The law applies to all USA ports and has been a frequent source of tension between the US maritime industry and its customers. And that may be enough of a reason.

Last year, Congress approved the Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Act for Puerto Rico, a bill created to help lift the island out of its vast debts with stricter federal oversight of spending and revenue.

"When tragedy strikes, it is often our children who are most at risk", Malloy said in a statement.

The cost of living in Puerto Rico is also higher as a result.

In a handful of tweets throughout the week, Trump has addressed the nation's response to the devastation in the US territory.

Mr Trump has not responded to Rihanna's tweets. Trump even appeared to be unclear on how far away Puerto Rico is from the mainland United States, saying there's "a very big ocean" rescuers have to cross to get there.

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