Republicans to Trump and Corker: Please just stop

Republicans to Trump and Corker: Please just stop

He even told The New York Times that Trump's ill-conceived threats toward other countries were putting the United States on a path that could lead to World War III.

"I understand we're on the record", Corker said at the beginning of the phone call with The New York Times.

Both Trump and Corker entered politics after careers as business executives, both in real estate and construction, and their shared backgrounds gave them a level of mutual understanding at a time when few in Congress can claim to understand the president's motivations. Trump then said that Corker was partly responsible for the Iran nuclear deal, which Trump had already characterized and one of the worst deals in history.

As turmoil continues to envelop Trump's administration, the president has become "unstable", and has started "unraveling", and has been "consumed with dark moods", according to sources who spoke with Vanity Fair.

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Meanwhile, Corker's chief of staff, Todd Womack, denied Trump's characterization of his private conversations with the senator, who announced last month that he plans to retire and not seek reelection in 2018.

On Oct. 9, Corker stated that Trump had intentionally made inaccurate statements on a regular basis. "I understand we're on the record".

The feud between Corker and Trump had escalated this weekend when the President tweeted that the outgoing senator "begged" for his endorsement before declining to run for re-election. "I don't think so at all", he said. "Didn't have the guts to run!"

But the president on Tuesday downplayed the possibility that the sharply personal feud with Corker - whom Trump referred to as "Liddle' Bob" in a tweet earlier in the day - could derail his push to find 50 Republican senators to support still-emerging tax overhaul legislation. "Corker and the people of Tennessee", Sanders said. However, Trump is alleged to have remarked to associates that Corker, whose height is 5-foot-7, was too short for the top diplomat position.

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