Amazon's Alexa can now recognize other peoples voices

Amazon's Alexa can now recognize other peoples voices

With the introduction of this feature, Amazon is playing catch-up with the competition as Google announced the roll-out of this feature for its Home devices, back in April.

Once that's done, voice profiles will work across all Echo devices and "most" third-party party Alexa-enabled devices. The feature is being rolled out to the original Echo as well as the Echo Dot and Echo Show speakers. Amazon is not far behind, however, launching Voice Profiles for multiple users on its Echo smart speakers.

In order to enable this new feature on your Alexa-equipped device, you have to set up a voice profile.

More news: Former campaign manager: 'Disappointing' Clinton hasn't condemned Weinstein (AMZN) is seen as the clear victor, with an estimated 68% of smart speakers sold this year expected to run on its Alexa technology. So if you instruct it to call John, it will call your friend, not your roommates. Alexa will recognize their voice without you having to manually switch between profiles, or tell Alexa who you are. Amazon says that it plans on expanding this functionality to additional services as time goes on, and along with this, Alexa should get better at telling people apart as you use the feature more. Then access Account Heading and finally, Your Voice.

Tap begin, then pick the device you want to teach from the drop-down menu. You can also use it to control other smart devices in your home such as security cameras, lights, and so forth.

They can be used to answer questions, such as a query about the weather today and tomorrow, for commerce, such as voice ordering a coffee from Starbucks, or to control other smart home devices. According to the company, 10 given phrases have to be repeated for training the assistant to recognize a particular voice.

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