Eminem releases an Anti-Trump Rap Cypher

Eminem releases an Anti-Trump Rap Cypher

In what is perhaps the fiercest and the most exhaustive attack against Trump, Eminem called the President everything from "Donald the b--" to a "racist grandpa" during the 4.5-minute freestyle rap. Fallon, Colbert, Meyers, and Corden all had some jokes about Eminem's now famous freestyle rap, from sketch gags to parodies.

Eminem has unleashed a lyrical tirade against President Donald Trump, saying he "came to stomp". "Trump is so pissed he just revoked Dr. Dre's medical license".

Although he admitted he wasn't quite as skilled of a rapper, Seth gave it his best shot anyway: "My name is Seth and I'm here to say, if you like Trump then go away", he declared.

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As the title itself suggests, Eminem's video turned out to be a caustic take on Donald Trump, accusing him of racism and hypocrisy, while alluding to a lot of his recent controversies.

Colin Kaepernick - who started the demonstrations by "taking a knee" past year - thanked Eminem for the song's reference to his ongoing protest on Twitter. Eminem focused several times on Trump's ongoing campaign against NFL national anthem protests, rapping: "so we focus on that instead of talking Puerto Rico or gun reform for Nevada". He drew a line in the sand.

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