Albert Einstein's theory of happiness sells for $ 1.3 million at auction

Albert Einstein's theory of happiness sells for $ 1.3 million at auction

And now, the precious note is being sold at an auction house in Jerusalem, for Dollars 1.56 million (Rs 10,13,38,380).

Almost 100 years later, the bellboy's nephew contacted the auction house in Israel to put the notes up for sale.

The physicist told the messenger it was possible the memos would be worth much more than a standard tip in the future, according to Winners Auctions, a major auction house in Israel.

It was written as Einstein was on a lecture tour of Japan and upon receiving a message delivered by a courier in his hotel room felt obliged to give the man something in return and decided that at the peak of his fame a handwritten note would suffice. The news of Einstein's arrival spread quickly through Japan with thousands flocking to catch a glimpse of the Nobel laureate.

Gal Wiener, CEO of the auction house, said the bidding on that note began at $2,000 and continued to escalate for about 25 minutes, AP reported.

The $1.5m sale shocked everyone involved in the sale given that its pre-auction estimate was between $5,000 and $8,000 with the buyer, believed to be European, deciding to remain anonymous.

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A second note written by Einstein at the same time on a blank piece of paper that simply reads "where there's a will, there's a way" was sold at a price of 240,000 USA dollars, said the auction.

The seller was reportedly the bellboy's nephew, the BBC reported. However, what the note contains is Einstein's mantra for happiness. "This is a stone in the mosaic".

Einstein was a founder of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and left it his literary estate and personal papers.

Albert Einstein's theories have changed our understanding of science, but his theory of happiness is his real million dollar idea.

Perhaps Einstein would have settled for something more "calm and modest".

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