The Best Halloween 2017 Celebrity Costumes

The Best Halloween 2017 Celebrity Costumes

"I nearly always make my Halloween costumes from scratch-the process usually involves cutting, sewing, and a whole lot of tulle", she wrote on her website. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star channelled her inner music icons to dress up as Cher, Madonna and late singer-performer, Aaliyah. She wore her hair in tight, corkscrew curls that gave her the all-important "wet look" and totally stole the show as the Man in the Mirror star. This year, celebrities like Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Russell Westbrook and Draya Michele reached into their bag of tricks to channel iconic stars and characters from the "90s".

There's no denying Kim looked stunning, but the outfit sparked a row on Twitter, with some accusing her costume of being "offensive". Kim recreated the look from Aaliyah's 2001 hit "Try Again", wearing a bejewelled choker, with a matching bra and black trousers. Though no one has actually taken a count of how many individuals have come out for and against Kim's look of the night, it's actually arguable that there are more tweets in her defense than against her.

While Kim's appearance as Cher with her bff Jonathan Cheban dressed as Sonny, making them the stellar duo, earned her massive compliments, including the approval of the LGBTQ icon Cher herself, people are definitely not happy about her dressing up as Aaliyah.

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West recreated Aaliyah's look from her "Try Again" video and wore a bedazzled bralette and trousers with a matching belt and choker.

It's that time of the year when you get to see the dark side of celebs. She was accused of cultural appropriation and racism. At the end of the day, many point out that, as Kim didn't attempt to alter her skin tone to make her look more like Alliyah's, it's not racist at all.

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