Liberia Election on Hold, Supreme Court Orders

Liberia Election on Hold, Supreme Court Orders

The poll can not be held until the electorn commission "urgently and expeditiously" investigates allegations of "irregularities and fraud" made by the opposition Liberty Party, the court said.

Information Minister Eugene Nagbe then called Brumskine's allegations "the rants of a sore and selfish loser who is so blinded by ego and arrogance... even after 12 years of rejection by the voters", alluding to the fact that the Liberty Party candidate has now lost three successive presidential elections.

He said the election commission had "wrongly and illegally" proceeded to organise a run-off between former football star George Weah and Vice-President Joseph Boakai without dealing with the complaint of the Liberty Party.

Liberia's Supreme Court will make a ruling on the country's presidential runoff vote amid allegations of fraud.

The Liberty Party's Charles Brumskine came third in the first round of the presidential vote on October 10, and immediately alleged that fraud and irregularities had tainted the results, claims which were backed soon afterwards by Boakai but downplayed by Weah.

Known as Sleepy Joe for his propensity to fall asleep at public events, the second-in-command to Africa's first elected female leader Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, is suddenly wide awake and unafraid to speak out. Boakai is accusing the president of interfering in the October election by holding private meetings with election magistrates.

The vote was meant to mark the first time since 1944 that a democratically elected leader would hand over power to another elected leader in the country.

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A lawyer by training, Brumskine has urged Boakai not to take part in the runoff after the vice-president said he would go ahead regardless of his backing for the legal case.

"Whomsoever that the court will rule in favor (of), that's the decision of the land, we can not go against it", said T. Klon Maxwell, a security guard eyeing the front pages at a newsstand in Monrovia on Saturday.

Despite his illustrious soccer career (he's the only African to win the Ballon d'Or and FIFA World Player of the Year awards), Weah isn't new to Liberian politics.

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"Liberians are people who do not want problems".

The president responded by denying that the meetings were inappropriate.

Addressing the court's five justices last Friday, Brumskine cited "gross irregularities".

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