OnePlus 5T Won't Have Wireless Charging, OnePlus CEO Explains Why

OnePlus 5T Won't Have Wireless Charging, OnePlus CEO Explains Why

It's quite possible that the company may deploy this technology on its next year's flagship, the OnePlus 6. OnePlus 5T renders and specs includes a to-notch hardware specification like the original OnePlus 5, and with a new render of the handset recently hitting the internet, the phone seems aligned with expectations, and uses a similar design to the conventional smartphone.

OnePlus's CEO, Pete Lau, has already confirmed the phone will have a headphone slot, while his company's own Twitter feed has intimated that the device will launch in NY. Earlier this week he confirmed - via a blog post - that the device will come with 3.5mm headphone jack. Stating the first reason he writes - "Wired quick charging solutions like ours clearly outshine wireless on quantitative measures". Wirelessly charging more than one device at a time further divides that number, leading to even slower charging per device.

Wireless charging is certainly exciting, and I look forward to the day when I can get 24 hours of power from keeping my phone on a charging pad for about one hour.

OnePlus has also hinted that the company will be pricing OnePlus 5T on a par with other smartphones in the premium category.

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Dash Charge is the fast charging technology by OnePlus which allow the OnePlus phones to gain a day's power by charging for only 30 minutes.

Lau added that Dash Charge stays cools and power efficient regardless of what users are doing with their OnePlus smartphones. He goes on to say that some of the best wireless charging pads available on the market can produce only 15 watts of power, and that's only when you position your phone correctly.

"An attractive promise of wireless charging is that you can just set your phone down on a surface and charge".

Pete Lau's comments do make sense since wireless charging needs for the phone to be placed on a pad for it to charge. Until wireless charging can reach that level of speed, it will remain my less-preferred option to true fast charging. Wireless charging is the standard way that all the tech and smartphone giants such as Samsung, Apple, HTC, and LG have implemented. However, Lau did mention that OnePlus will consider adopting wireless charging "when the time is right".

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