What is net neutrality and why does it matter?

What is net neutrality and why does it matter?

The landmark 2015 net neutrality rules considered internet as a utility that is essential to the public similar to phones and electricity, a move that Pai has called "heavy handed".

"By repealing basic net neutrality protections, the FCC is handing over full control of the internet to providers, leaving the American people with fewer choices and less access". At the December meeting of the F.C.C, it is expected that commissioners will pass the proposal in a three to two.

The Internet Association, which represents Google's parent company Alphabet as well as Facebook said the vote will spell the end of net neutrality.

"Under my proposal, the federal government will stop micromanaging the Internet", Pai said in a statement.

"Businesses large and small will have a clearer path to invest more in our nation's broadband infrastructure under Chairman Pai's leadership", the post continued. Pai said he had not shared his plans on the rollback with the White House in advance or been directed to undo net neutrality by White House officials. Meanwhile, Donald Trump expressed his opposition to net neutrality in 2014 before the regulations were even implemented, calling it a "power grab" by Obama. They were meant to ensure a free and open internet, give consumers equal access to web content and prevent broadband service providers from favoring their own content.

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Pai, who has repeatedly rejected claims that the FCC is making rules changes with Sinclair in mind, said the review will include public input.

"Ajit Pai is the sole cause of any legal or economic uncertainty affecting ISPs right now, because that's exactly what his knee-jerk proposal to abandon the prior administration's achievements creates". Verizon also favors repeal and less regulation.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai circulates a draft of a rulemaking to consider retaining, modifying or eliminating the cap that, with the restoration of the UHF discount earlier this year, now enables TV station groups to reach as many as 78% of TV homes. The FCC's new plan, which goes by the dubious name "Restoring Internet Freedom Order", would give ISPs like AT&T and Comcast complete control over what websites and services their users can access, and whether or not users would have to pay higher rates to access certain sites. "We oppose the FCC's proposal to roll back these core protections", said Netflix in a tweet.

"The most-hated and worst-rated companies will be free to block, throttle and discriminate against your speech on the internet if Trump's FCC chairman gets his way", Wood said. Free Press has shown time and again that Title II is the best and only foundation in present law for Net Neutrality rules; it also gives the FCC the authority to enforce other rules related to broadband affordability, privacy and competition.

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