IT'S DONE: Same-sex marriage is officially legal in Australia!

IT'S DONE: Same-sex marriage is officially legal in Australia!

"It is time for more marriages, more equality, more love". And I said to LGBTIQ Australians in particular, you have given us a gift.

That was the hope of Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull after 62% of Australians voted in favor of same-sex marriage in a legally non-binding postal survey conducted over two months earlier this year. The Senate had already passed its own version of the bill the week prior.

Marriage equality campaigners have fought for years for Thursday's vote.

"It is now part of Australian law", an elated Mr Turnbull said.

Applause reportedly rang out in the viewing gallery when the bill was passed. About a dozen, including former anti-gay prime minister Tony Abbott, abstained from voting, The Guardian reports.

"My previous public comments regarding civil divorce never envisaged me separating from my wife, but rather our marriage from the state", he said.

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There have been two new announcements concerning gay marriage in just the past two or three days.

"She said: Dad, in the years to come, my generation will look back and judge your generation about how you deal with the issue of homosexuality in the same way that your generation considered your parents' generation in the way that they dealt with our indigenous people", Wallace said.

The House of Representatives passed the bill to change the definition of marriage from exclusively between a man and a man to "a union of two people".

MPs have voted in favour of making same-sex marriage legal.

Fewer than five of 150 MPs voted against the law same-sex marriage.

About 12.7 million people participated in the survey, which had a response rate of almost 80% - which is considered very high. With a 28-day notice period to get married, it will be late January before Australia sees its first same-sex marriage under federal legislation.

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