Salvation Army needs volunteers, Angel Tree donations

Salvation Army needs volunteers, Angel Tree donations

For the fourth consecutive year, the so-called "Coin Crusader" has dropped two gold 1947 Mexican 50-peso coins into a Salvation Army Red Kettle outside of a store in Pompano Beach. The Campaign's goal is $125,000. Lopez says the funds they collect remain local and are used all year long for Emergency Services including rent, utilities, and food, the Community Meal Program, and the Food Pantry.

He and a handful of classmates were clutching hot chocolate as they manned a kettle. In 2017, 11 families affected by a disaster of some kind were assisted; 876 individuals received some type of assistance and the SA helped schools and sent six children to summer camp.

"I've picked up a couple of techniques, you have to go to the beat of the song, yeah, I'm a pretty good bell ringer".

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They are encouraging you to donate in the next ten days anytime you are out shopping and see a Salvation Army bell ringer with a red kettle.

"Our partners have done a great job adopting all of these angels", Salvation Army of Wilmington Corps Officer Maj.

He says kettle donations cover about 25 percent of the Salvation Army's budget. Holyoke's Salvation Army chairperson Ann McConnell said, "We couldn't be more happy with the turnout". Originally, we put aside one day for donations, but so many people asked for another chance, so we added another day.

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