Debunking conspiracy theories about deadly dog mauling in Goochland County

Debunking conspiracy theories about deadly dog mauling in Goochland County

Police say a 22-year-old woman found dead in Virginia was mauled to death by her dogs, CBS affiliate WTKR-TV reports. They said her body was being guarded by two very large pit bulls, dogs that weighed as much as she did.

"It appeared the attack was a violent attack initiated by the victims' dogs while the victim was out for a walk with the dogs", Sheriff James Agnew said of the preliminary findings from the Medical Examiner's Office.

A medical examiner determined Stephens was mauled to death by her two pit bull dogs. Bruising did show that some of the bites were inflicted while the victim was still alive and others after she passed away.

Barbara Norris, who says she was best friends with the victim, told WWBT that the dogs she knew would never turn on her friend like that.

Agnew said the dogs were Stephens', and he suspected they had been bred for fighting. She left them with her father and visited about five times a week to take the dogs out.

"The fact that they are pit bulls doesn't connect to what they did, it is a dog thing", said Paul, who is also owner of the kennel Impawsible Pups. Had she been attacked by a bigger animal, such as a bear, Agnew said, the bites would've punctured her skull.

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After talking with the family, Agnew said, "Let me cut right to the chase, the most important detail that we did not release because we were anxious about the well-being of the family is that in the course of trying to capture the dogs early Friday morning. we turned and looked ..."

After speculation that a Virginia woman's pit bulls couldn't have killed her, the sheriff overseeing the case released gruesome details to support that conclusion. "And I observed, along with four other deputy sheriffs observed, the dog eating the rib cage on the body". Her father had gone searching for her after she went missing and was the first to discover her body.

Stephens' family agreed to let the sheriff reveal the new details in hopes that everyone - including those who speculate she was killed another way - would understand what happened. "It's very possible there was something else that scared them, and unfortunately either they got into a fight with one another, and she was trying to break it up, or one or both redirected towards her in the moment".

It took officials more than an hour to catch the dogs-which were her pets. They have since been put down with the family's permission. "Having said that, we are still following up on those; we are still doing forensic tests".

The investigation is said to be ongoing.

A veterinarian from Richmond, Va., Amy Learn, told WTVR that "dogs don't typically just out of the blue attack their owners". A toxicology report is being run on Stephens and is expected to be completed in about three months. "Once a dog tastes human flesh it is not safe to have that dog around humans".

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