Salvation Army's Red Kettle Donations Are Down

Salvation Army's Red Kettle Donations Are Down

During this Christmas Season in the Greater New York area, the Salvation Army is endeavoring to raise $ 2,000,000 through its Red Kettle Campaign. "So we just thought it would be nice to help them out just a little bit more", says John Barickman, a parent who participated in the program.

The red kettles will be out today and Christmas Eve.

"This money goes to feed and clothe and provide all kinds of different services to people in the community within Peterborough", said Johnathan Sharp, Kettle co-ordinator with the Salvation Army.

"We like to give a donation to local charities around the holidays", GPH marketing manager Katy Denny said. "But it is not too late to give and help your friends and neighbors right here in the Ozarks".

Donations are still being accepted until 7:00 p.m. this Saturday.

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The state as a whole is down 11 percent compared to a year ago, the Kettles specifically are down 11 percent.

The dinner will be held at The Salvation Army, 736 W. Main Street, Lexington, KY.

"Last year, we were so green at it that we didn't do a very good job", Paxton said. "The Salvation Army does have opportunities for online donations, but that hasn't kept up with the difference in what we've been down in our kettles".

"This donor, I believe, has dropped it at different locations, in different kettle sites, in our buckets", Hughes said.

Stewart said volunteers - both individuals and businesses - made the initiative possible this year.

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