Samsung Galaxy Note 8 units refuse to charge when battery reaches zero

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 units refuse to charge when battery reaches zero

Several users have reported they aren't able to charge their Samsung Galaxy Note 8 units once their battery reaches zero percent charge.

According to a recent report it appears that owners of the handset on a number of United States carriers have had this issue. Some owners of the device have reported an issue with the handset not turning on and not charging after the battery has been fully discharged.

One user explains that leaving the device on charge for approximately 15 minutes, returning to it to then hold down the power and volume button for around 10 seconds solved this problem for them. It's the same with the Galaxy Note 8 until this week when reports of bricked phones are heard. However, things may not have been so flawless after all as reports of the former facing charging issues have emerged recently. It may be that only the Snapdragon version of the handset is affected, although this has yet to be confirmed. Earlier this year, Samsung had introduced the 8-point battery safety check system to let its fans know that the future phones from the company will not come across such an issue.

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Of course Samsung will swiftly replace your faulty Note 8 if it's still under warranty, but considering the company was at great pains to emphasize just how much testing the Note 8 battery went through, this is a blip that it could do without. Interestingly, an administrator on Samsung US Forums says, "This particular problem with the Note 8 not turning on is definitely something that we want to get addressed immediately". Have you experienced issues with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 or S8 Plus?

Samsung appears to be aware of the problem as one of its moderators spoke to a few of the customers posting on its message boards.

He later talked to Samsung customer support who told him to try pressing various button combinations to reboot the phone, but none of the methods worked since the buttons naturally weren't responsive.

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