Report states Dr. Phil left recovering guest vodka in his dressing room

Report states Dr. Phil left recovering guest vodka in his dressing room

Did Dr. Phil McGraw and the people behind his show give their addict guests alcohol and drugs?

Todd Herzog, victor of US TV programme Survivor, alleged that in 2013, when he arrived to discuss his difficulties with addiction on the programme, a bottle of vodka and Xanax tablets had been left in his dressing room.

A Dr. Phil representative declined STAT and the Globe's request for an interview.

Todd Herzog, who won the reality series Survivor at age 22, battled severe alcoholism in the years following his winning turn. He drank it all and said he was then offered a Xanax by a show staff member to "calm his nerves".

Former addicts who appeared as guests of daytime talk show "Dr. Phil" are accusing the eponymous host of trying to enable them into a relapse. "Now it is a television show".

According to the mother of another woman seeking addiction help on the show in 2016, a producer took the younger woman to L.A.'s Skid Row to buy heroin. When Joelle, herself a registered nurse, called the show for help, they told her to "take care of it", so they went to the hospital. "They told us where to go, Skid Row", she explained.

"There was a lot of manipulation telling us what to say, telling us how to act, telling us what to do", King-Parrish explained.

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Martin Greenberg, a psychologist who also serves as the production's director of professional affairs, told the publications that guests have never been provided with alcohol and have never been told where they can find drugs. While the report notes that this makes for "riveting" television, it said the guests were placed in unsafe and possibly fatal conditions. "Didn't help at all". To see a man so torn by addiction to alcohol, bearing his soul to a televised audience who (mostly) knew not of him as a person or as a Survivor victor, just felt damn exploitative. "That's what they do".

Herzog wasn't the only one who shared his reported experience - several others featured on the show came forward and lodged similar complaints against the production. When he arrived at the set, Herzog said he was sober, but found a bottle of vodka waiting for him in his dressing room.

The guests were on the show to talk about their addictions.

Niki Dietrich was an eight-months pregnant heroin addict when she appeared on "Dr. Phil" past year.

The two-part investigation raises questions about Dr Phil's promotion of addiction treatment centres. Sure, leaving it there was a shitty thing, but they didn't pour it down his throat.

And Greenberg lauded "Dr. Phil" for providing guests with treatment. In a statement provided to Stat and the Globe, he said that "addicts are notorious for lying, deflecting and trivializing". "The only change is they are one step closer to getting help, typically help they could not have even come close to affording", he said.

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