Sessions Fills US Attorney Posts On LI, Manhattan

Sessions Fills US Attorney Posts On LI, Manhattan

Their home state might have legalized the drug (and indeed, 29 USA states have passed medical marijuana laws so far, with 8 states, plus the District of Columbia, legalizing recreational use as well), but federal prosecutors and marshals are still well within their rights to arrest anyone found using or selling the drug. Other states that permit the regulated sale of marijuana for recreational use include Washington, Oregon, Alaska, and Nevada. Sessions has railed against marijuana for years. "I can't sit here and say whether it will or will not lead to more marijuana prosecutions", the official continued. "There is a belief that that is inconsistent with what federal law says", a senior Department of Justice official, speaking on condition of anonymity, told Politico.

Gillibrand urged fellow lawmakers to support legislation she proposed that would "keep the federal government out of the way when doctors and patients decide that medical marijuana is the best treatment for them". How will the change in policy affect the multibillion-dollar marijuana industry?

Congress voted in its last session to extend a spending provision known as the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment, which blocks the Justice Department from using federal funds to impede the implementation of state medical marijuana laws.

The pro-legalization Marijuana Policy Project said Sessions' shift would only encourage the illegal drug trade and harm people using marijuana as a medicine, which 29 states have legalized.

While Hutchinson said he intends to stand behind voters decision to approve medical marijuana, he made it clear he does want Arkansas to become a recreational use state.

4 issued a memo to all US attorneys suggesting that they resume enforcement of federal law that defines cannabis as a unsafe drug and cannabis activity as serious crime.

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"Trump promised to let states set their own marijuana policies". He said the Trump administration's position "defies facts and logic".

"I'm not anxious. Everything we do here follows state laws, and everything is up to code". Shares in the company closed down about 2.3 percent.

The association suffered a separate setback December 28 when a state Supreme Court judge dismissed its lawsuit that meant to block the state Health Department from doubling the number of companies permitted to grow and distribute medical marijuana in NY.

"In the short term, this news will further scare away investors, which will, in turn, slow down cannabis entrepreneurship", said Nicolas Ruiz, co-founder of Cloudponics, a San Francisco startup whose technology can be used to grow marijuana. Since then, the industry has amassed almost $1.3 billion in equity funding for marijuana startups, with more than $600 million in 2017 alone, according to research firm CB Insights.

USA attorneys might continue to decide not to take up marijuana cases that don't fall under the Obama-era rules. But his department's ability to pursue criminal charges related to medicinal marijuana remains in doubt. So far, marijuana is considered a drug as risky as heroine under US Federal Law.

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