BlackBerry Mobile to unveil at least two new phones in 2018

BlackBerry Mobile to unveil at least two new phones in 2018

The handset will be available direct from BlackBerry in the USA from this Friday the 12th of January and it costs $450. It will be available for sale online via Amazon and Best Buy for $449.99 a pop.

Additionally, it comes packed with all the security, productivity and reliability features that have made BlackBerry KEYone such a distinctly different smartphone. BlackBerry announced during its recent gathering that it is planning to launch at least two new smartphones this year - one of which could be the second-generation model of the KEYOne, according to recent speculation. Specs-wise, it has the same hardware as the Black Edition version, including 4GB RAM and 64GB expandable storage.

The company has confirmed that it's going to launch at least two new BlackBerry smartphones this year.

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TCL gave a Q1 2018 launch window for the Bronze Edition KEYone, but hasn't released pricing information.

"It has been less than one year since we formally introduced the world to our all-new BlackBerry smartphones and we've seen very strong renewed interest thanks to devices like BlackBerry KEYone and BlackBerry Motion", said Alain Lejeune, Global General Manager for BlackBerry Mobile. The phone runs a pretty lightly skinned version of Android 7.1 with a good handful of BlackBerry software tweaks, many of which BlackBerry says will be trickling down to the KeyOne.

This is no surprise after the first original BlackBerry-branded TCL devices released in 2017, the BlackBerry KeyOne and BlackBerry Motion, were received well by users craving a return to the BlackBerry smartphone.

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