The Razer Phone Can Replace Your Laptop with Project Linda

The Razer Phone Can Replace Your Laptop with Project Linda

Smartphones have always been taking over the key duties of laptop and desktop computers, like checking email, browsing the web, and posting to social media. Essentially, it's a dock that runs the phone itself into 13.3 inch Android gaming computer, which is kind of a neat concept for those gamers constantly on the go. When the phone has been docked, you can start using the display as a touchpad, which is a great feature and because the display size is already big, the trackpad area can be equivalent to a 2016 or 2017 MacBook Pro notebook's overly sized trackpad.

Project Linda proves interesting for mobile gaming, adding mouse and keyboard control for extra precision. There is also a 720p webcam on the front and a dual-array microphone. This turns your phone into a workstation terminal that is better suited to tasks like typing or even web meetings over Skype.

Keep in mind that Project Linda is purely a proof of concept; Razer hasn't released any pricing or availability details because they may never bring the device to market. That is something they want to fix, where it'll either tell you on the phone that it is in backwards or just not try to dock the phone. But Razer's take on this concept has the potential ot be more mobile and useful.

Announced today during CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Razer unveiled its vision of a laptop/phone hybrid where the Razer Phone powers a 13.3-inch Razer-branded laptop.

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Finally, Project Linda improves Android gaming and productivity. It seems unlikely that this will replace traditional Windows or Mac laptops, but Razer is, of course, still making those as well.

It'll also provide through headphones, providing you use the THX-certified USB-C dongle that arrived with the handset.

Unfortunately, this is just a project within the Razer labs right now and there isn't any word on when or if this device will see the light of day as a real product consumers can buy. Ideally, in the future, Razer will be able to either license this design out to other companies or make the laptop shell compatible with third-party smartphones with USB-C ports.

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